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My name is Joe Gagliardi and this is my photography, my pass-time, my language.

Still in time for a custom holiday gift

2014 CoverThese are custom made for you from the photos I take at the games. They are unique and one of a kind. The high quality prints are perfect when placed in a quality frame (Not Included). These make perfect gifts for Dad, Grandpa, Mom or any fan. Believe me, they make an impression and will be treasured forever.


If you would like one made, just send me the name of the photo you would like me to use (The name is on the bottom left of the photo and looks like this "20140828_00133_JV_vs_Boonton" ).

Check out some samples from last year's season here - 2013 SAMPLES.

And yes, I have Cheerleader Magazine Covers too! SAMPLE HERE

Latest Photos

End of the season!

Poster Pee Wee and JV Championship games are on Sunday, November 16th. The games will be in Hackettstown and will be LOUD and FUN! I'll be there to make sure the excitement is caprured - 1000th of a second at atime!

Click on the posters to see these and other specialty items that you can purchase.


Just for a change, I shot some soccer games. Come take a look, there are some awesome shots of some talented players!

Purchase a whole gallery of photos!

There is a new purchasing option available on shoot2please, great for teams or groups to be able to purchase a large number of photos at a reduced cost. You may now purchase a whole gallery and make all the photos available for download. This may be a great way to offer all the parents photos from that gallery.  The first gallery is $195.00, each additional gallery is $45.00 if purchase at the same time. See my pricing.

If you know a gallery you would like to purchase, go here to enter the order or get more info.

Keep the ideas coming!

Plan ahead for the holidays

With personal gifts from these memories. Think of Grandma and Grandpa, uncles, moms and dads - they'll love it!

The photos keep coming so make sure you share this link with your family and friends far away, they would love to see photos of their favorite player!

Thank you and ... thank you for all the support!

DBA Clinic - UNDEFEATED 2014 - Joe Gagliardi Photography 
From Clinic_vs_Dover game on Nov 01, 2014

PosterCustomized posters here!

There are so many gifts that can be made from these memories. We are Photoshop experts and many photos can be made into special gifts. Remember that the samples in the galleries are just samples, you can get your made buy sending me the name of the photo you would like me to use, I will post the result for you to admire.

Shooting Calendar

I now publish a calendar of games on my site that shows what games I plan on shooting. This hopefully will be helpful in knowing if your game is on my schedule or missing for some reason. I am a staff of one, but I try and shoot what I can. Look under the menu [HELP]

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Don't forget to like my Facebook page. I post many quick photos and announcements on that page, and also coupons and news. It is an easy way to keep up with what I'm shooting and also save money on your purchases. See you there! :)

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