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Purchase a whole gallery of photos!

There is a new purchasing option available on shoot2please, great for teams or groups to be able to purchase a large number of photos at a reduced cost, or a fan who wants the digital memories forever. You may now purchase a whole gallery and quickly and easily download an entire gallery of full-quality photos by yourself.

On the top-right of any gallery, you can press "Buy Photos" and then "Buy Gallery Download". We will process each image and create a zip file for you to download. The two options are 'High Resolution' or 'Original' and are priced at $150.00 or $195.00 respectively.

More choices means more memories for you to own. Shoot me an email if you have any questions!

Purchase single digital photos!

If you prefer to own the digital file of the photos you love, we offer three choices. Digital downloads of single photos for $5, $10 or $15.

  • If you would like to share your low resolution photo on Facebook or other website, pick the $5 option. This option is not recommended for printing your photo.

  • For small prints, such as 4x6, choose the high resolution, 4 megapixel $10 option.

  • If you would like the full, original resolution image, the $15 option gives you the original photo - usually shot on a 16 megapixed digital SLR.

All these choices are available in the cart when you select a photo to purchase. The downloads are immediate once payment information is supplied.


Hub Lake Championships

Denville Triathlon





Memorial Day Parade

Valleview's 'Annie'

MK's - "The Wedding Singer"

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