Joe Gagliardi Photography -

Football is here! Look here for the latest game photos, but if you like my Facebook page, you'll know as soon as each game is uploaded.

I only shoot the games and events I know about and that there is an interest in the photos. If you would like me to shoot a game, I only ask that the coaches and parents are informed. Shoot me an email, Thanks.


Hub Lake Championships

Denville Triathlon





Memorial Day Parade

Valleview's 'Annie'

MK's - "The Wedding Singer"

Purchase a whole gallery of photos!

There is a new purchasing option available on shoot2please, great for teams or groups to be able to purchase a large number of photos at a reduced cost. You may now purchase a whole gallery and make all the photos available for download. This may be a great way to offer all the parents photos from that gallery.  The first gallery is $195.00, each additional gallery is $45.00 if purchase at the same time. See my pricing.

If you know a gallery you would like to purchase, go here to enter the order or get more info.

Keep the ideas coming!

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